Separated on the earthly plane, two souls transcend the bounds of space and astral travel to meet each other in the night sky...

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Monelise forges a unique blend of nostalgia and futurism in her work; it is as though she stands at the gateway of past and future as her music weaves an uncanny yet beautiful dance between the two. Over the past 6 months her music has garnered over a quarter of a million streams and intrigued tastemakers all over the world. 


In 2019, press at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival described Monelise’s live performance of Hauntology (dubbed as an audiovisual world sounding like a ‘Kate Bush soundtrack to a David Lynch film’) as “a haunting, stunning musical performance in which the performer and audience become one” (The Wee Review). Audience members left feedback notes naming the show “hypnotic”, “meditative”, and a collection of “haunting echoes of forgotten dreams”. Developed during Monelise’s studies at Goldsmiths (James Blake, Rosie Lowe), the show was a resounding success that left audiences consistently mystified and intrigued. 

In 2020 Monelise released a series of singles including “Clockwork Heart” - a dark, apocalyptic fairytale with a steampunk aesthetic underpinned by a distinctly Berlin-esque dance club beat.  Later in the year she followed this up with “Insane” - a dark, sensual meditation on desire which has been her biggest commercial success to date, garnering close to 200,000 streams in less than 9 months.


“Silver Lake”, her latest single, echoes the signature hypnotic quality of Hauntology (2019) yet surprises listeners with mythical lyrics, kaleidoscopic sound mixing and more prominent, cinematic strings. With an accompanying Storybook, it is not just a song but a multidimensional experience.

Monelise also creates custom songs.